Review of Online Collections Websites

The Best of Online Features for Museum Research After thorough exploration of the provided online sites, the user focuses on sites in which navigation, search utility, display of search results, innovation, and visual design assist the user. These site features help provide “ease of use” for the researcher, college student or everyday user.   In order…

Vocabularies & Folksonomies

Vocabularies: Changes and Standards “Jar!” “Vase!” “Pot!” These are all terms that the students in our data management class shout out to describe the object on the screen. In fact, the object we were looking at is cataloged as a bottle by the bottle by the Dallas Museum of Art. As different images flash across…

The Future of Digital Collections

One of the most exciting aspects of online collections is what each site will be capable of in the next few years. More and more museums are furthering their digitization efforts by creating expansive semantic networks which allow users to access a rich array of inter-related information. Expansion is coming in other ways as well,…

Understanding Digital Stewardship

The Library of Congress blog Digital Preservation, Digital Curation, Digital Stewardship: What’s in (some) Names defines the terms digital curation, preservation and stewardship and conveys that these terms are frequently used interchangeably. The blog relates digital curation and preservation as closely associated with the skills and functions of librarians and scientists while digital stewardship is correlated with the work of curation and preservation. In order to attain a better understanding of digital stewardship, I compare digital stewardship with a diagram exhibiting the Digital Curation Lifecycle.

Museum Data Exchange

Amongst museums and libraries, data formats and exchange standards have not been universally accepted, which has inhibited the free sharing and aggregation of information between institutions. While there have been many advances in standards and sharing methods over the last 50 years, the Mellon study from 2007 (Museum Data Exchange: Learning How to Share) shows there are still many challenges with searching for the same types of items in different art museums.